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Guido Möbius

“GUIDO MÖBIUS is one of a kind – a producer/composer/multi-instrumentalist who somehow manages to be relentlessly experimental, genuinely funky and a garish novelty all at the same time.” - THE WIRE

it is still too little known that our BERLIN-based PR-person of hearts, GUIDO MÖBIUS, is an amazing musician and highly entertaining performer in his own right. next to his critically acclaimed albums MÖBIUS lives up to his fullest potential in his unpredictable live concerts - armed with nothing more than his guitar, his voice, a trumpet and a few effect pedals, he creates highly energetic music in between humour and hypnosis, peppered by spontaneous interactions with the audience. his latest album, SPIRITUALS, released by the good folks at KARAOKE KALK in summer 2012, is a rather special project, sort of "religious music for non-believers": most of tracks are indeed (very) free adaptions of traditional spirituals of which the artist keeps little more than the original lyrics to create a bunch of strange and utterly beautiful songs.

this fall GUIDO MÖBIUS returned with SPIRITUALS REMIXED, an undertaking featuring some of the top names of the international electronic and experimental music circus reworking the original music. participating are (of course) a handful of BERLINERS: "breakcore god" JASON FORREST, DHR-legend PATRIC CATANI (under his CANDIE HANK moniker), the hard-rocking female DJ-team SICK GIRLS, SKWEEE-producer MESAK or sound artist BORIS HEGENBART as ROTAPHON. other takes on the originals come from france's GANGPOL & MIT, KARAOKE KALK mainstay SENKING from COLOGNE or VOLCANO THE BEAR's DANIEL PADDEN (hailing from GLASGOW).

GUIDO MÖBIUS is always is always available to enchant and amuse new audiences with his amazing solo show...

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GUIDO MÖBIUS is always available - travels from BERLIN!