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El Khat

(Batov Records, Tel Aviv)
Being both a collective with an international background and the brainchild of musician and carpenter Eyal el Wahab, El Khat are the by-product of an identity crisis turned into something positive. Rediscovering his Yemenite roots via the ancient folks songs of the region, Eyal's interpretation of these sounds are not shying away from using electronics, rock and even self-built instruments to elevate them into a mind-blowing psychedelic experience.

El Khat's recent debut "Saadia Jefferson". released by London's Batov Records last November was not only for us one of the best albums of 2019. In collaboration with Pulling Strings, we are very excited to welcome El Khat to the little planet rock family.

Booking / Tour

always available - travel 5 x from Tel Aviv